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Holding Tank Registration

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Holding Tanks

  • Holding Tank Registration Form (PDF) (Word)
  • Holding Tank Registration Update Form (PDF) (Word)

Frequently Asked Questions – Holding Tank Owners

1. Where do I obtain a holding tank registration form?

Holding tank registration forms may be obtained from all CKL Municipal Service Centres:
Bobcaygeon Service Centre, 123 East St. S., Bobcaygeon;
Coboconk Service Centre, 9 Grandy Rd., Coboconk;
Lindsay Service Centre, 180 Kent Street (old Lindsay Town Hall Building);
Omemee Service Centre, 1 King Street West, Omemee (Coronation Hall),
from your sewage hauler, and from the City website at

2. Now that I have completed the registration form, how will I obtain my septage generator number?

Once your registration form has been processed by the City of Kawartha Lakes Water & Wastewater Division, you will receive confirmation of your completed registration form and your septage generator number, by mail.

3. If I have any questions, who should I call?

Contact Water and Wastewater at 324-9411 Ext. 1121 or toll free at 1-888-822-2225.

4. Are all sewage haulers registered with the City of Kawartha Lakes for hauling holding tank sewage?

Sewage haulers that deposit waste at a City of Kawartha Lakes facility are registered.

5. What occurs when I neglect to provide my septage generator number to the sewage hauler?

The sewage hauler will be charged the higher rate until December 31, 2018. After this date the charge for holding tank waste and standard septage waste will be the same.

6. Where do I obtain a form to update information regarding my holding tank?

An update information form is available from all CKL Municipal Service Centres, or off the City website at

7. What should I do if I replace or change the size of my holding tank?

You are required to update the records by completing an update information form. There is no additional cost to update your holding tank information.

8. Is my septage generator number transferable to a new homeowner if I sell my home?

Yes, your septage generator number is transferable; however, the new homeowner is required to complete an update information form (at no cost). Please inform the new homeowner of your septage generator number.

9. I have lost my septage generator number. How do I obtain my number?

Call the City of Kawartha Lakes Water & Wastewater Division at 324-9411 (Ext. 1121) or toll free at 1-888-822-2225 (Ext. 1121)

10. Is my septage generator number associated with the Health Unit?

No, your septage generator number is only used by the City of Kawartha Lakes for administrative purposes.

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