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Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program

Welcome to the City of Kawartha Lakes Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program (SRLP).  This is a voluntary loan program developed to assist property owners with septic systems to improve the environment.  Participation in this program will result in a Special Charge being imposed on the property’s tax bill to be repaid over time, pursuant to O. Reg.586/06.   

Applications will be accepted, reviewed and processed on a first come first serve basis and allocated until the budget has been depleted.

For the details of the program please read the Septic Rehabilitation Program Design (PDF) and the staff report (PDF). The document will provide the:

  • Program Summary;
  • Qualifying Septic Rehabilitation Measures;
  • Completing the Rehabilitation through Contractor Engagement;
  • Application Process;
  • Local Improvement Charge  (LIC) Disclosure; and
  • Quality Control

In order to participate in the program there are four steps to qualify for the SRLP that are identified below:

  1. Pre-Application – this document provides us basic information about the property, including the names of ALL of the property owners.  The form also provides for information on any mortgages on the property as the mortgage lender consent is required.  This form will be used to confirm there have been no tax arrears in the previous 5 years.

Pre-Application Form (Appendix D to Agreement)

Lender Consent Letter & Form

  1. Entering in to the Agreement with the City of Kawartha Lakes

Property Owner Agreement (POA)

Work – Intended (Appendix A1 to Agreement)

Work – Actual (Appendix A2 to Agreement)

Special Charge – Estimated (Appendix B1 to Agreement)

Special Charge – Actual (Appendix B2 to Agreement)

Form of Assignment, Novation and Release (Appendix C to Agreement)

POA Withdrawal Form (Appendix G to Agreement)

  1. Funding Request – This step provides the City with details of intended improvements, the estimated costs of the intended improvements and a Void Cheque for enrollment in the City’s pre-authorized Tax payment Program.  Please note that three (3) quotes are required to help identify the amount of the loan, and to assist in determining when the maximum funding by Council will be reached.

Funding Request Form (Appendix E to Agreement)

  1. Project Completion Report – This is the final step to access funding for the City’s SRLP.  This report is to be provided no later than 14 days after the completion of the Septic Rehabilitation work.

Project Completion Report (Appendix F to Agreement)

For questions relating to this program please email

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