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Sewer Flushing

Preventative maintenance involves the flushing of sanitary sewer mains to remove settled and accumulated material as well as to eliminate the potential for sanitary sewer main surcharging (overloading the sewer beyond its design capacity), which can result in damage to property.

During these events residents may experience a bubbling and/or vacuum effect in drains and toilets. It is recommended that residents keep all toilet seats closed and cover any floor drains. In order to prevent sewer gasses from migrating into homes, internal plumbing includes traps that hold a volume of water. During the flushing process, it is possible for the negative pressure created in the sanitary sewer main to draw this water out of the traps. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to refill these traps by running the water in their sinks and into floor drains (i.e. with a garden hose) after the work has been completed.

Whenever the City is conducting Sewer Flushing, a notice will be published on the City website.

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