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Source Water Protection – Drinking Water

What is Source Protection?

Following the Walkerton, Ontario tragedy of 2000, Justice O’Connor (Associate Chief Justice, Ontario 2001-2012), made one hundred and twenty-one recommendations related to the protection of the province’s drinking water supply, with twenty-two of these recommendations addressing Source Water Protection. Having a comprehensive source water protection program is one of the crucial steps that make up the safety net developed for drinking water protection. This safety net begins at the source and continues to your tap.

Source Protection Authorities, along with their respective municipalities, have scientifically identified areas that are vulnerable in the Well Head Protection Areas (WHPA) and Intake Protection Zones (IPZ) in and around drinking water systems. The City of Kawartha Lakes has twenty-one Municipal Drinking Water Systems (15 Ground Water Systems – WHPA, and 6 Surface Water Systems – IPZ.) Significant threats were identified that could affect the quality and quantity of drinking water.

Residents within Source Protection areas should be aware that there may be an impact to their property.

Where can I find out more information?

It is very important to be aware of source protection areas at all times.

To determine if your property is in a source water protection area, access permits and other planning and information resources, please go to and click on “Permits and Planning.”

City of Kawartha Lakes Source Protection Plans can be found under the Trent Conservation Authorities website:  as well as under the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe website:  and the Ontario Government website:

If you learn your property is located near a wellhead protection area or a surface water protection intake zone, please visit any of the links above and read the Risk Management FAQ’s section to learn more.

Any new transport pathways in Intake Protection Zones or Wellhead Protection Areas are prohibited. For more information, please read the following by-law.

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